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Five Important Books I Read in 2023

What could 2024 possibly have in store for us?

Politics Between Hope and Despair

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Quick update: New pieces coming soon

Democracy's Missing Pieces: Questions for You

This is the sound a dying government makes

Doug Ford Flip-Flops Again. It's Getting Tiresome.

A One-Year Anniversary Thank You and Sale

Information Breakdown During Wartime

We Need to Make Historical Education a Lifetime Priority

Does Something Feel Off To You?

I Can't Believe I Have to Say This: Speaker Anthony Rota Should Resign

Canada Reaches a Crossroads

The Return of American Authoritarianism

Beware Pierre Poilievre's "Common Sense" Revolution

We Should Be Angry

I Can't Believe I Have to Say This: Doug Ford is to Blame for the Greenbelt Scandal

The Culture Wars Heat Up in Canada—and Kids are Caught in the Middle

Will Justin Trudeau quit? Should he?

Ottawa's Vacant Unit Tax is Working. A Suburban City Councillor Wants to End It.

Watching Barbie at the Dawn of the Apocalypse

Can the Liberals win a fourth election?

'Too Dumb for Democracy?' audiobook launches!

Who should govern after an election?

How To Read a Book

The battle between tech giants and the government is a turf war, and we're caught in the middle

Summertime round up: politics is exhausting, next ideas, a break, a sale, and some questions for you!

Book Review: The Death of the Left

Politicians Aren't Like Us and That's Bad (Part I)

How to Write a Lot About Politics and Almost Anything Else

Subsidy, Thy Name is Capitalism

Big Tech is Not Going to Save You

When Media is the Problem

My Candidacy for Night Mayor of Ottawa

The NDP should prepare to end their deal with the Liberals over the looming public service strike

The Public Square Isn't Public

Do We Need Elections?

A Short, Definitive Guide to Blocking People on Social Media

What It's Like Writing About Politics

"If you hate it so much, why are you on Twitter?"

What I Talk About When I Talk About Democracy

We Told You So

Doug Ford Must Resign (2023 Edition)

Episode 4: Brittlestar, aka Stewart Reynolds

We have a trust problem. That is very bad news.

Books Radar: January 2023

I Hate Politics

Episode 3: Fatima Syed