Nov 8, 2022Liked by David Moscrop

Glad to see this piece because I think we may be at an inflection point with regards to both workers rights and basic rights. What comes next is indeed critically important. On a day where our southern brethren are set to launch themselves into the abyss, Canadians should pay close attention to what awaits if we don't actively participate in the democratic fight. The short term win by CUPE was good news but the job of protecting basic rights is never-ending. The forces that work against it do so tirelessly and with limitless budgets. Perhaps Ford's arrogance in attempting to undermine the Charter gave the long dormant Canadian labour movement a shot in the arm, but resting on the general good sense of Canadians won't be enough long term. The other side plays the long game. I've watched the labour movement disintegrate over the past 40 years. And with it the ideas of equity, fair wages, and common purpose. Alberta and Saskatchewan have been stumbling in that direction for some time. When attacking some of the poorest paid workers by attacking their Charter rights becomes a viable strategy with no accountability, we risk winding up where the US finds itself today. The fight here extends beyond CUPE and Ford's machinations.

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