To be honest, he hasn't been a particularly talented speaker -- hasn't been great at managing the House and protocol, and I've heard that from people on the Hill who have to deal with these matters daily.

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I agree that Rota should resign. But members of every party in the House stood to applaud which more than anything is a sad reflection of the very sad representation we are receiving from members of all political stripes all political The Conservatives in particular, including the leader, Pierre Poilievre have embraced every right wing political extremist they can, including Freedom Convoy participants, members of the extreme right from overseas. So they are the last ones that should be gloating.

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So, in your world order nobody is allowed to make mistakes? By all accounts this was an error of vetting, a task poorly undertaken by one of Rota's employees.

It is clear that Rota had no idea of the reality of the situation and apologized unreservedly.

Are you saying that employees should be terminated for every slip up that they make, and that their bosses heads should also roll for those errors?

That sounds like a pretty harsh world to live in.

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David we (mostly) agree. Save and except "Justin Trudeau’s fault (which it isn’t)". Do you seriously believe Trudeau's office and security staff didn't know about this "gesture"?

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This is very bad. And also too bad ...Rota was the only reason I enjoyed Question Period. He had a way to diffuse tension and keeping the animals frothing at the mouth in line. He made QP entertaining. He is also a very humble and kind man who made an unintentional critical error. We’ve all done this at our work. It exposes more incompetence (or lack of protocols ) in our systems This is sad in more ways than one.

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David, David, David.

Mr. Rota did an own goal.

S__t happens.

You don't fire the goalie.

They swallow their pride and go on.

Or have we become just as shallow as all the things we deplore in politics and media?

That said, perhaps there's some truth here Ukranian Canadians need to reconcile.

The National Post, yes, "them" have got it right:


Somebody is doing their homework.

How ever do Germans deal with their past?

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Also, who dares to call up Mr. Hunka?

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The public will forget about this just like they forgot how Pollievre fraternized with Nazis and their stupid little flags at the Trucker Tantrum

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I really want to know the thinking process of whoever extended that invite. Were they trying to emohasize the history of Russian invasion?

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Agree entirely David. I do wonder whether the PMO knew anything, it wouldn't be the first time they denied any knowledge and threw someone else under the bus. But maybe we'll never know.

As others said, it's absolutely on every MP who stood. The unwillingness to reckon with the complexities - and darkness - of Ukrainian history in this country and the narrowing of all debate around the war has finally come home to roost, especially for the NDP who utterly abandoned their traditional anti-war foreign policy.

My question for you though is what you thought of the motion to strike the event from Hansard? Given the Conservatives denied unanimous consent, it would seem to have been a fairly performative effort by the Liberals. Nonetheless, I'm struck by the hypocrisy of the Tories who eventually permitted Michael Cooper's reading of the New Zealand shooter's manifesto from committee hearings.

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Look, can we just get the whole bunch of them to resign and replace them with a citizen’s assembly.

At every turn this house has shown itself wholly incapable of meeting the challenges of the present day. They are loyal to power above everything else and this will not change with a different party in charge.

We need a government that puts our needs first. Our need for shelter, food, and a future.

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I have found Rota to be a poor excuse for a Speaker throughout his tenure. He always seemed unwilling to incur the displeasure of either side of the House, trying so hard to be the affable good guy instead of firmly monitoring decorum. This recent egregious situation can never be erased, but his immediate departure would at least restore some shred of dignity to the H. of C. and allow pressing matters to move forward.

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